Visualization – If You Can Envision it, You Can Create It…

“Visualization” is a word that we hear a great deal which, I believe, has a powerful impact on our effectiveness in manifesting your dreams and desires in our life and in our business.

Well, let me share a story of what happened six months ago that affirmed my belief that “If you can envision it, you can create it” in a very personal way.

clip_image004I live here on the High Desert of Central Oregon and have, for the past 20 years, shared my life with horses. I‘ve enjoyed the magnificent trails that ribbon through the Cascade Mountains.

I have tried my hand at Endurance Racing around the Pacific Northwest- riding 50 mile races (CRAZY FUN!), herded cattle (Yikes, kinda too much ‘rough and tumble’ for my blood!), and even made a stab at barrel racing and team penning (two sports my beautiful Arabian horse wasn’t too thrilled about!) But, when I shifted my focus on the subtle, sophisticated and delicate process of Dressage – I was hooked!

Now I’ve been in the saddle for thousands of rides but the mystique and artistry-in-motion of Dressage was a style of riding that seemed beyond my reach.

What you should know is that even though I had never taken a single dressage lesson, I have visualized riding my beautiful Arabian gelding Harrison in this discipline.

This is where my mantra “If you can envision it, YOU can create it” came into play.

I met a wonderful woman who had just moved to town. And, as fate would have it – she is a Dressage Instructor! So my journey of stepping into a whole new conversation with my horse began. (I view Dressage as a new language I am speaking with my horse!)

Something magical was happening. I felt as if I had somehow been here before. I realized all the times I would sit in the barn on a bale of hay imagining riding in my arena – one with my horse in the fluid motion of Dressage had really made a world of difference!

Now I am not, by any means, ready for even the first level of competition but the simple fact that I visualized communicating with my horse in this new way made my experience all the more palpable and powerful!

So, what will happen if you gave your full attention and intention to one of your lofty goals by visualizing it? Stop by my Facebook Page and share your story of how visualization empowered your learning curve! I would love to hear your story!

Remember, you cannot course correct if you are not in motion!

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