Standing In Her Intrepid Power – Patricia Arquette

Ok, I have to admit that I watched the 2015 Oscars with mild interest.  It seemed like just another long, drawn out Red Carpet night when the extraordinary happened.

Patricia Arquette accepted her Oscar for her roll in Boyhood, she thanked her list of those who supported her and then something poignant happened ~ She tapped into her INTREPID NATURE and spoke out with a statement that grabbed my attention!  “It’s our time to have wage equality and equal rights for women once and for all.”

At 3:00 Pacific the day after the 2015 Oscars just one of the many video clips of her speech was viewed of 3.2 million times.

This is proof to me that the Divine Feminine Voice is longing to be heard in the world.  May we all be inspired to be Bold, Courageous and to Fearlessly bring our voices to the world and in doing so we will change the world.  In a word ~ Remarkable.

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