The Power of Release


It is no small thing to come to this place of decision… “Does my need to hold on to my story outweigh my desire to rise above it…”

It was such an honor to co-facilitate a workshop this past weekend titled “LETTING GO” where an awesome group of coaches, nurses, seminar leaders, and baby boomer-retirees who came together for the SOUL purpose of releasing the limiting beliefs, resentments and behaviors of their life experiences. I sat in awe of their intrepid spirit and willingness to be transparent as they rolled up their sleeves and dug deep.

The keys principles of this process are:

  • To welcome in the feelings that are connected to the incident, thought or experience of “our story” that challenges you in any way.
  • To welcome in the realization that this experience has no relevance in this present moment.
  • To welcome the release of the connection and “charge” that this incident, thought or experience has had on your life.

As simple as this concept appears, the actual process creates such a positive shift in your life!  You see, our busy lives call for us to be in a constant state of “DOING”.  For so much of my life I truly believed that if ANYTHING was going to get done…I had to do it!  That was a huge weight that was on my shoulders and OYE…the pressure!  And honestly, that was pretty much a crock!

The key is to remember that we are human BEINGS not Human DOINGS!  The magic of staying present in the moment will give you cause to recognize that your past does not have to define you.  When I made the commitment to myself to release the charge around others expectations of what I should or shouldn’t be doing I realized that I could stand fully in my passion and purpose.  I really began to feel a new sense of freedom from my limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that had kept me chained to the shadow of self doubt, shame and uncertainty of my own abilities, gifts and talents.

The power of RELEASE is life changing.  If you are ready to say “YES” to let go of  what has been holding you back and start celebrating your rich life moment by moment – sign up for your Complimentary Discovery Session CLICK HERE.

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