What Does SUCCESS Mean to You?


By Katie Cavanaugh

Welcome to my weekly blog and Video post.

This week lets talk about what SUCCESS really means to you. Did you know that success looks different for each and every one of us?  Look at the success of both Oprah and of Mother Theresa. Each have made an extraordinary impact on the world yet their vision for their success was very different.

Okay, so take a moment to define what success means to you. Get really clear about what you want and don’t want in your life and biz. When you become clear about your picture of success you begin to create an energy of enthusiasm that starts you moving with inspired action. 

You’ll begin to feel the shift toward innovative thinking as you start trusting that inner vision you have for YOUR journey of success. Take note of how quickly it becomes your reality!

So, write about it and give a voice to your success. This will help to move you forward with inspired action as you build confidence and clarity.

If you don’t know what success really is for you –how can you possibly create it?

Success is not as much about your circumstances as it is about what matters to you most. In order to create true success you must first define it.

Remember "If you can envision it, you can create it".

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