5 Vital and Valuable RITUALS Successful Entrepreneurs DO that Struggling Entrepreneurs DON’T:

There is something to be said about RITUALS. Many people, when considering the thought of rituals, often think of religious practices of ceremony such as feasting, fasting and festivals.  Though the religious connection to rituals my be your first thought, I would like to offer a new perspective around creating ritual in your life that may, in fact, be a game changer for you.
Creating a ritual is a powerful energetic process to develop strong, healthy habits that can help us on our journey as we shift our focus and claim the life and business you have always envisioned.
In the past 6 years of coaching and consulting many Start-Up and Seasoned entrepreneurs, what I have found consistently is that creating a Mindset of success is the first step to moving your heart-centered business forward in a powerful way. Creating RITUALS or Daily Practices become the “Good Habits” that shift your energy and priorities, and give voice to your Creativity and your Genius.
Here are 5 rituals to consider integrating into your daily practices to help you on your clear path to more success:
1. Treat your body like the Sacred Temple it is!
Our physical form, these” human suites” we live in while we are having the spiritual experience of life enable us to take on LIFE in its fullest we are healthy and fit. What you eat, how you move and how well you sleep are just some of the key components to doing your level best to have a sharp mind and the vitality necessary to go the distance.  So, *start every day with a warm glass of water with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice to balance your pH – on an empty stomach and 30 minute before you eat breakfast. *Exercise daily – a walk, yoga, dancing in your living room for example. *Allow your mind to calm 30 minutes before you enter your sacred room of sleep.  No TV’s, no computer, no phone, no books.  The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute states, “If you’re sleep deficient, you may have trouble making decisions, solving problems, controlling your emotions and behavior, and coping with change.” So, make a ritual of preparing yourself for the precious sleep your mind, body and soul needs!
2. Take Captive Every Thought…
What you think matters.  I believe wholeheartedly that whatever we focus on we create more of. What we think and how we view ourselves and others has a great effect on how we function in our life and business.  So, while you are sipping your warm lemon water create a ritual with a daily gratitude journal.  Write down ten things you are so grateful for in any and all aspect of your life. Get Creative! It will change your world!
3. List 3 Projects to Complete Each Day…
This process engages you to create a ritual around accomplishing the necessary tasks to move you forward – DAILY!  So, make your project list and beneath each project list 3-5 steps that will move you to completion. Nothing like checking things off the list! This ritual will help you to create Best Practices in being organized as you accomplish so much more!
4. Reach Out Daily…
With the dawn of the Divine Feminine Paradigm upon us we know that the old way of doing business has rapidly become irrelevant.  Gone are the days of steep competition, power sales and the old belief that “if I have than you can’t have it!” We live in an abundant universe that supports us as we claim and create our flourishing lives.  The Divine Feminine precepts are based on Authenticity, Developing Deep Relationships, and Pursuing Powerful Collaborations with others who share their passion to share their success! Who can you reach out to today that you can share these values with? Make it your RITUAL to call a special SOMEONE every day!  And don’t forget to call your family while you are at it!
5. Dance To Your Own Drum Beat!
I celebrate the UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL YOU!  You are like no other. The key to dancing to your own drum beat is to become crystal clear about WHO you are, WHO you serve, and HOW your serve them. There is such FREEDOM in clarity. With clarity you will discover the unique voice of your Creative Genius. It is from this place of knowing that you can let the brilliance of your uniqueness shine. It is from this place that you can truly unleash your own rhythm and DANCE!
The intent of sharing this list of Rituals with you is so that you can see the magnificent brilliance in creating positive and transformative RITUALS in your life to enhance your energy, attitude and productivity.  Let this be a source of inspiration.  Integrate the RITUALS that resonate and create your own as well.
In Closing…
No more running from one great idea to the next with limited success.  It is time to claim your Creative Genius and create the RIUTALS and best practices to move you and your business to new heights!  Remember, if you can envision it, YOU can create it!

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