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This past weekend I co-facilitated The Divine Feminine Rising Retreat at the mystic mountain of Shasta in California.  Three days we communed together at a beautiful estate where we were held in the vortex of this glorious and sacred mountain.


This beautiful collective of fifteen women traveled together to embark on the discovery and celebration of the resurrection of the Divine Feminine.  It was a time to truly quench the thirst of true desire as we reconnected with the Earth and nature. We all sensed a personal call to return to the sacred place within where the Divine Feminine Soul resides. It was a time to awaken the forgotten creative powers of our Womb Wisdom.


The Sanskrit word for “Life Force” is called Shakti.  Its essence is vitality, passion, conscious and the juice! It is through the Shakti that we reconnect with our ancient feminine qualities of Love, Beauty, Sexuality, Creativity, Passion, Deep Knowing, expression, Sensitivity, Emotionality, Connectivity, Imagination, Profound Insight, Kindness and Compassion.


Doing this Womb Work took us back to the womb in a new and awakened way.  This powerful work opened us up to a reconnection with the source of BEing.  It brought a healing to ourGroup at Headwaters 150x150 Opening to The Essence of Womb Wisdom relationship with our own bodies, to our creativity and sexuality and it began a healing process of the wounds that were held personally and collectively within our Wombs. What a remarkable journey to be guided to a new sense of balance.


This work is brought forward from the Priestesses, Shamans, The Ancient Mothers and Goddess Archetypes who inspire us to do this work in a whole new way.  It is my calling to create a safe and powerful container for devoted women to fully awaken, and to go deep into the consciousness of her own temple ~ the WOMB.


A remarkable shift happens when we bring our full attention into the center of our Wombs and begin to become aware of the shadows we have held there.  It is here that all are invited lean into the pain, trauma, fear or shame held in our womb. This shadow energy is either held in judgment and criticism, it is stuffed down and ignored or it is wrapped up tight in a STORY. It is time to release. This is where the power of self-Love spirals in! It is time for a new and beautiful story of our Divine Feminine to be told.  One of the sacred keys is to Feel your Feelings First!


To activate and manifest the Womb Healing we must surrender to the power of Shakti (Life Force) and then bring it into balance with the energy of Shanti (Sanskrit word ~ Peace) and create a resonance of harmony. It is then that the Violet Flame begins to burn brightly in our Second heart ~ The Womb.

  The Second Divine Feminine Rising Retreat is scheduled for Aug. 14 – 16, 2015.  If this journey is speaking to your Desire to make a SHIFT in your life and make a deeper and more intimate connection with the energy of your Divine Feminine then reserve your spot NOW. Space is limited as this is an intimate group of 12 women.

Simply call Katie Cavanaugh at 541-280-1821 or Sandi Hanson at 541-977-3796

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I just have to say that I LOVE my life and business as a Coach and Mentor for fabulous Intrepid Women Entrepreneurs ~ Women who are Bold, Courageous and who Fearlessly pursue the life and business they envision.

One of the most important keys in developing the successful business of your dreams is to be crystal clear about your vision of what is possible based on the deep knowing that you are doing what you came here to do. This clarity transforms your business by fine tuning your focus as you create the energy of  being truly on purpose. The process I share to open up the infinite possibility of your true purpose is what I call Activate Your True North.

Set yourself free from what does not serve you and into a world that honors your Expertise which is in alignment with the authentic YOU. Now you can move forward with clarity to really know who your ideal clients are and how you can best serve them with your brilliance.

Simply CLICK HERE and sign up for my FREE Webinar, April 14th at 7:00 p.m. Pacific for

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